Hockey can be played in the driveway, on the road, an outdoor rink or at the community area. There are many advantages to this sport. Kids who play hockey can gain skills, meet friends and learn discipline on the ice. This book evaluates the many facets of minor hockey and provides the parent with strategies to assist them in this sport. The parent will gain an understanding of the techniques they can use to motivate and enhance their child's performance in that sport. Hockey parents will come to realize that minor hockey is about exercise, cooperation and functioning as a member of a team.

Information is offered to assist the parent in understanding their child's personal dynamics in this fast and exciting game. Once the parent has completed this book, he or she should be better equipped to understand the rules and unwritten rules of minor hockey. By being proactive the parent will be better prepared to implement decisions that will make their hockey journey a rewarding experience for their child and themselves. (2007)

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Through his electromagnetic research, Dr. Steele struggles to understand its biomedical application as a way of curing disorders. In pursuit of his research, Michael Steele becomes embroiled in a struggle with Dr. Wilson, administrator of the Neurocognitive Institute. After a murder, Dr. Steele must evade the wary eye of Detective Callum whose main intent is to arrest him for the homicide. Other characters include Bob Jacks a police officer discharged for corrupt practises, Reuben Black a criminal lawyer with a shady past, and Jena Smith a woman who uses her charm to advance her agenda. These characters are woven into a story that delves into their complicit past. Through introspection and self-analysis these characters ponder their fate. A fast flowing final scene brings the villains and heroes together to provide an exciting finish to this novel.


In this fictional novel, Detective Brown is cast as the protagonist whose approach toward justice is cast in his crime control model. Detective Brown finds himself in conflict with lawyers whose model of due process interferes with his attempt to incarcerate the criminal element of New York. In his work, Detective Brown encounters Emerald Lee, a terrorist who is wounded at the scene of his latest crime. Emerald Lee is incarcerated but later sent to the Bingham Neurosurgical Centre to remove a blood clot suffered from a bullet wound during his arrest.

In preparation for his surgery, Emerald Lee encounters medical specialists who evaluate him. Unknown to Lee, nanotechnology is used during the surgical procedure to remove his homicidal aggressive behaviour. This fictional novel reflects on the early pioneering research of neurosurgical specialists who utilized electrode implantation to thwart aggressive behaviour. In this novel, nanowiring is explored as the technique of controlling aggressive psychopaths.